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E Conveyancing

Electronic Conveyancing will revolutionise the WA property and settlement industry. 

The E Conveyancing platform – Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has now rolled out in WA.  PEXA will provide an online workspace to create documents, arrange settlement, allow the electronic distribution of funds to many parties and submit documents to Landgate.

Settlement agents and other parties to a transaction will be able to enter PEXA and key data into the PEXA online workspace.

The premise behind E - conveyancing is to reduce timeframes for a settlement and  improve the conveyancing process (by reducing human error). The result will be significant benefits to the Sellers who will receive their funds quicker and to the Buyers as Landgate register their details as the new owners in a more timely manner.

It is estimated by PEXA that by 2019 more than 85% of WA transactions will be electronic.